3A Molecular sieve

What’s the 3A MS?

3A molecular sieve with a pore size of 3 angstroms, due to the relatively large potassium ions in the molecular structure. This zeolite will adsorb the molecules which have critical diameter less than three angstrom. 3A° molecular sieves readily and reliably provides dry solvents with residual moisture in < 10 ppm range. The method is practical, requires no special apparatus provides a safe method that does not make use of highly reactive materials such as sodium or metal hydrides.

Molecular Sieve 3A is used for dehydration of hydrocarbon streams in liquid phase and vapor phase due to its high drying efficiency and minimizes the interface of hydrocarbon co-adsorption. We produce molecular sieve in elongated cylindrical extrudates with good crush strength and minimum attrition loss.


   General Characteristics of 3A pellets

Nominal pore opening3Angstroms
Pellet size3.0 and 1.5mm
Bulk density0.7-0.8ml/g
Equilibrium Water Adsorption Capacity at 30° C &15 % RH21-22% Weight
Equilibrium Water Adsorption Capacity at 30° C & 75 % RH22-24% Weight
Attrition loss<0.2% Weight
Package Moisture<1.5% weight