Supported metal catalysts

Hydrogenation Catalysts

Pd on Carbon (Pd/C)

Pd on Carbon is a common catalyst for the hydrogenation and hydrogenolysis of various functional groups. In many industrial processes, it is used for the reduction of multiple bonded organic functional groups such as

C-C bonds hydrogenation

Double bonds, Triple bonds.

C-N Bonds hydrogenation

Nitriles, Imine, Hydrazine and Oximes

C=O hydrogenation,

Aromatic aldehydes, Aromatic Ketones.

C-Cl bond reduction

Reduction of Carbon-Halogen bonds

This catalyst is available as both powder and extrudates with varying loadings (0.5 to 10 wt.%) of Pd on carbon.

Pd on Al2O3 (Pd/Al2O3)

Pd/Al2O3 catalyst is available with varying Pd loading percentages ranging from 0.5 to 10 wt. %. It can be supplied as spheres, extrudates and powders.

Used for certain Selective reductions.

Pt/C or Pt on Al2O3

Used for hydrogenation of halo-nitro aromatics, nitro and nitroso groups. Both the catalysts with varying amounts of Pt over the support can be supplied based on the requirement.

Ni/SiO2 or Al2O3

Supported nickel catalysts are applied in numerous hydrogenation reactions, their application in the catalytic hydrogenation of fatty products such as fatty acids, fatty alcohols, fattyacid esters, in particular triglycerides containing one or more double bonds, being particulary more important.

Ru/Al2O3 or SiO2 or carbon

Ruthenium catalysts are very widely used in the partial and complete selective hydrogenation of aromatics such as benzene, Toluene, Acetopheneone etc. Aliphatic compounds such as hexane, heptane etc. We make various Ru supported catalysts based on the specification required for particular application.

We will supply as well as develop catalysts for the hydrocarbon conversions. Also we are interested in working with industries to convert batch process into flow process for alkylation’s and hydrogenation reactions.