Silica aluminophosphates

Silica Alumino phosphates

  • SAPOs are the molecular sieves with silicon containing aluminophosphate. SAPOs possess bronsted acidity like zeolites with pores of small to large size.
  • SAPO-34 is a small pore molecular sieve and an excellent catalyst for methanol to olefins (MTO). SAPO-18 structure is similar to SAPO-34 and shows similar performance with that of SAPO-34 in MTO reaction.
  • SAPO-11 is a medium pore molecular sieve used in the skeletal isomerization of light olefins and hydroisomerisation of n-parafins.
  • SAPO-5 is a large pore MS used in several aromatic transformations such as cumene synthesis, xylene isomerization, and toluene alkylation, isopropylation of benzene and transalkylation of toluene with trimehyl benzene.
  • SAPO molecular sieves are supplied both as powder and extrudates based on the customer application requirement.  

 SAPO-34                                     SAPO-5                                         SAPO-11