4 A Molecular sieve

4A molecular sieve is widely used as general-purpose drying agent. The main characteristic of Zeolite 4A is its 4-angstrom pore size. This micro-porous desiccant does not allow molecules larger than 4 angstroms to pass through, thus help to adsorb the vapor and other impurity molecules less than the pore size. We produce molecular sieve in elongated cylindrical extrudates with good crush strength and minimum attrition loss.


4A zeolite is used to adsorb a wide range of molecules like water, methanol, ethanol, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, ethylene and propylene etc.,

There are many uses of 4A zeolite across different industries. It is mainly used in the deep-drying of air, natural gas, alkane and refrigerant. It also finds use in the drying of electronic elements, pharmaceutical and other unstable elements. Another utilization of this type of Zeolite includes solvent drying, purifying and drying gases like ammonia, drying of aromatics and other liquid hydrocarbons.

General characteristics of 4A pellets

Nominal pore opening4Angstroms
Pellet size3.0 and 1.5mm
Bulk density0.7-0.8ml/g
Equilibrium Water Adsorption Capacity at 30° C &15 % RH21-22% Weight
Equilibrium Water Adsorption Capacity at 30° C &75 % RH22-24% Weight
Attrition loss<0.2% Weight
Package Moisture<1.5% Weight